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Hosting Support / Change to a new domain?
« on: March 01, 2014, 01:37:49 AM »
I've run had a site ( for 10 months on here, but I'm letting the domain go and handing it over to someone else.
I would, however, still like to keep the hosting, and the content, like the Wordpress and Coppermine, but use a different domain for it (and perhaps change the site subject if I can change the domain).
The hosting service has the 25 GB because it was from before became limited and I would kind of like to keep it, but I understand if that's absolutely not possible.

Hosting Support / Does the new $10/year apply to existing hostees?
« on: April 30, 2013, 08:30:00 AM »
I just saw:
And it says $1/month or $10/year.
Is this a different package or the same one existing hostees have?
If so, will the current hostees still be charged the ~$50 or the new $10?

I'm just confused and wondering.

Hosting Support / Coppermine Displaying A Different Number of Images
« on: April 14, 2013, 21:55:48 PM »
Alright, the title doesn't explain it all.

Basically, last night, I uploaded thousands of pictures and they all show up like they should. There are 26,556 images.
I went to bed and got onto my iPod to save a few of the images to there, but they didn't show up, it said there were 19,606. I used Safari. I thought it was maybe the browser, so then I went to Chrome on there, still 19606. But Opera said what I wanted... 26556.

That was weird.
I brushed it off.

Today I sent my friend Sara this picture with this URL:
She could see it, it was uploaded yesterday among the many that were.
I also sent it to my friend Nicky. He couldn't access it. I asked him how many pictures are in the gallery? He responded with 19606.
This is weird. So for some these uploads are non-existent for some.

I have attached two screencaps made within 5-10 minutes of each other.
Nicky's cap:
My cap:

Chit Chat / The Random Thread
« on: March 10, 2013, 18:49:03 PM »
What's this?

The rules:
1. Follow Forum Rules
2. Be appropriate (for the younger audience here)
4. Do not post spoilers (unless you do so in a small font with a warning--so other members can read on their own accord)

This is the thread to be completely random in, make conversations, say something off topic, have fun.

Let's start being random.
What's up everyone?

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