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How To Make Your WordPress Super Fast
« on: August 21, 2015, 01:25:54 AM »

WordPress can sometimes be sluggish, particularly if you have a lot of posts, a lot of plugins, or just a lot of stuff.

Well, there is a way to power up your WordPress to blazing speeds.

The secret? One simple plugin called WP Super Cache. You can install it easily in your WordPress dashboard, under Plugins > Add New.

What It Does

The plugin creates a cache of all your posts, and saves each one as a static html file.

When visitors view your site, it will load this html file (which is very fast) instead of the normal way of using php with a database access (much much slower).

How To Install and Configure It

1. Go to your WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add New, and search for “wp super cache”.

2. After the installation is complete, activate the plugin. Then go to Settings > WP Super Cache to configure it.

Switch the caching on, then click Update Status.

Go to the Advanced tab, and select “Use mod_rewrite to serve cache files”. Scroll down and click on Update Status.

Now you have to update the rewrite rules in your .htaccess file. The plugin does it automatically for you. Just scroll down the page and click on the “Update Mod_Rewrite Rules” button.

That’s it! The plugin should now be working as intended.

Advanced Tweaking

If you are looking to improve performance even more, here is an additional step you can take.

Change the Cache Timeout in the Garbage Collection from 1800 to 0. This means that your cached pages will not expire, so they don’t need to be regenerated.

Common Issues

My theme changes aren’t showing up!

When editing your theme, you should temporarily disable caching, or select the Don’t cache pages for known users option.

Once your theme is ready, you should clear the cache by going to the Contents tab and clicking on the Delete Expired button and Delete Cache button.