Author Topic: Zoomkat's router/arduino/ssc-32 wifi bot  (Read 572 times)

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Zoomkat's router/arduino/ssc-32 wifi bot
« on: July 18, 2018, 06:07:11 AM »

A little while back I got an arduino with an ethernet shield ($63.55 delivered). I loaded the webserver application on it and made some code to parce a get request from a web brouser. I've connected my ssc-32 to the arduino serial port so the arduino can send it servo commands received from a web brouser. For testing I modified my webcam page so it sends servo commands to the arduino webserver, which modifies the command and then sends it to the ssc-32. The test flowpath is PC > wifi > netgear wireless router > cat5 > arduino > rs232 > ssc-32. Below are pix of the arduino and the ssc-32/servos. No bot part yet, but this demonstrates that a wireless router bot can be made fairly easily. There is a "black widow" version below with built in wifi. Geeks has a referbished netgear router like I'm using for $20 (supports bridging). The arduino supports servos, but I haven't tested that yet. The other part to add is a network cam to plug into the router for vision. Just wanting to see if a simple and fairly inexpensive wifi setup could be made that didn't need a pc on the bot side.

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