Author Topic: UNABLE TO ACCESS CLIENT AREA  (Read 263 times)

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« on: February 23, 2019, 04:03:13 AM »
I wish my first post on this forum didnít concern an issue, but Iím at loss and need help.

Since yesterday I havenít been able to reach Starzís client area (neither nor the page never loads or gives me a ďcouldnít reach the page because the server is taking too long to respondĒ blank page. Iíve tried cleaning my browserís cache, cookies and history; Iíve tried using other browsers; Iíve tried checking from a different device. Nothing worked, the client area remain inaccessible to me. Itís been 24h now since I first noticed the issue.
Iíve let Starz Support know my IP yesterday, to see if it got blocked but Iíve yet to receive a reply from them....though I donít think itís that; I think blocked all italian IPs from accessing as, when I tried reaching FastWebHostís main site, I was denied access - Error 1005.
The cPanel seems to be working, so I can still update my sites, but the real problem is another: if I cannot access the Client Area, I wonít be able to pay my invoices (nor purchase new packages, which is what I was attempting to do when I came across the issue).

What do you think is causing the problem, and how can I fix it? I canít change my routerís settings especially its dns - my ISP doesnít allow that, so if I tried Iíd become unable to connect at all.
Thank you for your help and your answers; have a wonderful day. :)